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Plaintiff Funding As a No-Risk Lending Option



Plaintiff Funding which is also known as Lawsuit Settlements allow a financially strapped plaintiff to access a portion of their future legal settlement to pay today’s necessary living expenses. Personal Injury and worker compensation lawsuits can take years to resolve and large insurance companies have the financial strength to legally delay the process, which can financially ruin an injured claimant who is looking for a fair settlement offer.


Companies such as 48 Hour Lawsuit Cash offer pre-settlement funding against all types of Lawsuit Settlement, Personal Injury Settlement, Malpractice Cases. It works like this: 48 Hour Lawsuit Cash will review the merits of an applicant’s legal claim and determine the chance and estimated size of a financial recovery. They then offer the claimant a percentage of the total value of their claim in return for an assignment of a portion of the potential future proceeds of the claim. If there is no financial recovery from the claim then the funding company receives nothing.



Lawsuit Settlements“Thank you very much for helping me out in my time of need. When I got hurt again I thought I was in a world of hurt. I had lost everything that I worked hard for; my house, my car and my self respect. I thought there was nothing to do. Then one day, I received your letter and that’s when my life turned around. I can not thank you enough for what you did and how you tried so hard to get me through these tough times. I would proudly recommend your company to my mother if she was in need of your services.”


- Laura R.

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Plaintiff Funding NYC is owned and operated by 48-Hour Lawsuit Cash, and is led by founder and President Robert J. Coppinger. Mr. Coppinger has years of experience in the financial services industry. He has held Vice President positions at some of our nation’s largest banks, including JP Morgan Chase Bank and HSBC Bank, and is a proven entrepreneur.



Fast approvals and no upfront fees

No job requirements or credit checks

No application fees with no monthly payments

Get funds in as little as 24 to 48 hours from the receipt of your application

If you don’t settle your case, you owe us nothing




Pre-settlement Funding is easy to apply for and an excellent way to protect your financial future during your lawsuit. Our company will buy an interest in your lawsuit, we will loan you a specific amount of money, when your case settles, we are paid back out of the settlement proceeds. However, we only get that if you actually win your lawsuit case. If you lose your case you’re not responsible to pay us back! This is the main reason why so many choose non-recourse, pre-settlement funding. The advantages of pre-settlement funding far out weight the disadvantages.






Let’s look for a moment at the things a Lawsuit Advance can do to benefit you. A pre-settlement advance can be used to pay off existing medical bills related to your accident or injury lawsuit before any interest or fees are added on. You can use the advance for monthly bill payments and your mortgage to prevent falling behind or even foreclosing. A lawsuit advance will allow you to also take the court case to the very end and not require you to settle early and for a less amount due to building debt. This is an excellent way to get a hold of your finances during a pending lawsuit. Let a lawsuit advance help free you from debt today!



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